Weekly Schedule


   8:30am Morning Prayer

   9:00am Youth Bible Study Rm. 2

   9:00am Life Group "Get Ready"

 10:20am New Creations Children Church

 10:30am Sunday Celebration


10:00am Overcomers


   6:30pm Youth Group Fellowship Hall

   6:46pm Life Group Center Point - Rm. 1

   7:00pm Life Group @ Ms Helen's


  7:00pm Worship Team Practice 

  7:00pm Women's 7-Word Prayer 1st/3rd  

  7:00pm Life Group Pastor Trevor's home 


  6:30pm Parents Night Out Fellowship Hall

2nd Saturday 

  8:00am Men of Faith Tyrone Chick-fil-a

  9:00am Levite Ministry  on campus

Our Wedding Policy


Your wedding is a sacred occasion and a service of Christian worship.  For these reasons, the following statements will govern your plans for your wedding here at Faith Fellowship and or by the Pastor Colin Munroe. 

The Pastor

The pastor is the administrator of the policy and will assist you in every way possible.  The pastor will discuss arrangements for pre-marital counseling with you and any other matters relating to the ceremony.  Please call the church office to schedule an interview appointment for you and your fiancée to meet with the pastor.  One of the elements of this appointment time will be to plan for the twelve premarital counseling sessions; six of these sessions are prior to your wedding and the remaining six can be scheduled during the first six months of your marriage. The premarital sessions are tools to help you create a stronger Biblical marriage. This is a great investment in your future!


Careful planning is necessary for all weddings. Upon your initial contact with the pastoral administrative assistant, you will be given a Wedding Reservation Form that must be filled out and returned to the church office before the dates are entered on the church calendar.  Scheduling of the facilities for weddings is on a first-come, first-served basis.  The date of the wedding is set during your consultation with the pastor. 

The Music

Music selected for a wedding service is a very personal and significant part of the ceremony, and individual tastes vary.  At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that a church wedding is a worship service, and the music should be in keeping with the reverence that is customarily observed in worship.  If you hire a pianist/organist they will be able to give assistance in the selection of music.  When you wish to invite musicians other than those on the church staff, you should consult with the pastor regarding those you plan to invite and the selections of music to be included in this worship experience.  You will be responsible for the payment of musicians.

The Reception

The fellowship hall and kitchen must be reserved through the church office.  Provision is made on the Wedding Form for this arrangement. 

The Florist

The florist is to coordinate with the church office for delivery. Only the custodian will do moving of furniture.  The piano may not be moved.  Drip less candles should be used.  You will be responsible for repairing any damage to the property.  Nails, tacks, or screws may not be put in walls or furniture. All decorations must be removed immediately after the wedding.

The Coordinator / Director 

If you hire a wedding coordinator or director, they will need to communicate directly with the pastoral administrative assistant or pastor.  The church does not have a wedding director on staff. 

The Photographer

Because the wedding is a sacred service of worship, flash photography will not be permitted during the ceremony.

The Fees

 The fees below are for the usage of the campus facilities and custodian.

  1. Open and close church for rehearsal, wedding, and reception.
  2. Clean before and after the wedding.
  3. Move furniture, if necessary.
  4. Meet florist at desired times (for opening church)
  5. Arrange for heating/cooling.
  6. Prepare fellowship hall for reception (if used).
  7. Other reasonable request.



Non- Member

Use of Sanctuary for wedding and rehearsal



Use of Fellowship Hall for Reception

 $50 per hr.

$75 per hr.

Custodian Fees (additional charges may be incurred based your wedding needs.) *This does not include washing dishes, etc., used at the reception.




Fees for musicians; responsibility of the bride.

Honorarium for the minister; responsibility of the groom.

General Church Regulations

  1. No alcoholic beverages, accept for champagne for a toast, may be served on church premises. 
  2. No wedding or rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcoholic beverages.
  3. No rice or confetti may be thrown inside the sanctuary, foyer, fellowship hall, or anywhere in the church buildings.
  4. Designated rooms for the various members of the wedding party to dress will be provided.
  5. The dress of the wedding party shall be in good taste for a sacred ceremony.
  6. Custodial fees should be paid when the Wedding Reservation Form is filed with the church office.

Click on this link http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=30 to learn about the Florida Marrige License requirements.

We look forward to assisting you both in making your wedding day and the preparation process as joy filled occasion and process.

Joyful in His Service,

Lisette Ratcliffe

Pastoral Administrative Assistant