Weekly Schedule


   8:30am Morning Prayer

   9:00am Youth Bible Study Rm. 2

   9:00am Life Group "Get Ready"

 10:20am New Creations Children Church

 10:30am Sunday Celebration


10:00am Overcomers


   6:30pm Youth Group Fellowship Hall

   6:46pm Life Group Center Point - Rm. 1

   7:00pm Life Group @ Ms Helen's


  7:00pm Worship Team Practice 

  7:00pm Women's 7-Word Prayer 1st/3rd  

  7:00pm Life Group Pastor Trevor's home 


  6:30pm Parents Night Out Fellowship Hall

2nd Saturday 

  8:00am Men of Faith Tyrone Chick-fil-a

  9:00am Levite Ministry  on campus

How do I schedule an event for the ministry I champion at the church?

To plan a meeting or event at the church facility or offsite, please fill out an Event Request Form online or contact the church office for a form. They will gather the needed information or direct one of the support staff to do so. Once the event has been approved, it will be added to the master calendar and you will be contacted to confirm the final details, including publicity for your event. Events that are added to the master calendar are automatically added to the Life Line.

On-campus events require you request use of facility at least one month in advance of event.

To fill out an Event Request Form and request use of the facility, click here.

What do we publish?

We publish Faith Fellowship sponsored events (i.e. Bible studies, prayer times, services, outreaches, fellowships, classes, planning meetings, etc.). We occasionally (and only upon staff approval) will advertise events that don't originate from within our fellowship.

What are the publication deadlines?

Weekly Life Line - Wednesday, 14 days prior to distribution. For example, if you need something in the bulletin on the weekend of March 24, we need the information by Monday, March 10.

As a rule, most events will be published for two consecutive weeks prior to the event. In order to plan adequately, please keep our deadlines in mind when submitting information.

Thank you for "bearing with us" as we seek more efficient ways to serve this local Body. Although in the midst of the growth this sometimes seems challenging, we do praise the Lord for blessing us so abundantly!  Church and ministry support staff are availabel to assist you with this process.

To request promotion of your event, click here.

Phone and E-mail

If you need to contact us for any reason, please call the church office Tuesday thru Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m.  Church office (727) 381-4750.  If we are not at our desk, or it is after office hours, you can leave a message.


Please mail all correspondence to:

Faith Fellowship of St. Petersburg

6646 First Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Event Planning Process

Planning Process:

The Ministry Team should meet at least two (2) months prior to an event to assist Pastor in the planning process. This process should include: discussion of previous events, such as, impact, ways to improve, means of promotion, pre-activities, costs, etc.

  1. Make Assignments:  An event chairman would be good, but if not assign a chairperson for activities such as promotion, music, food etc.
  2. Set dates for event:  beginning each phase of promotion, etc. 
          a.  Form used to submit the tentative event's; purpose, budget, tentative date, etc. for approval by 
               leadership and to check the church calendar for availability and reserve date & facilities.Submit
               event information to the church office for approval, to see if date(s) available, reserve facility, 
         b. Submission may be done through the following ways:
             1. Hardcopy forms
             2. Online at http://www.faithfellowshipstpete.org/ go to "Events/Event Request" on the top of  
                 the homepage. You do not need to login.

      3.   Some possibilities for promotion:

                  a. Church Life Line / Website / Facebook

                  b. Door to door flyers - vicinity and our own home neighborhoods

                  c.  Advertising - What form? Local venues such as restuarants/cafes/bookstores, local 

                      newspaper or flyers, Christian radio stations, etc.

                  d.  Contact program through church family members

                  e.  Prizes to member bringing the most guests

                  f.  Prizes to member making most contacts (honesty required)

                  g.   Post a contact success list weekly, online, Facebook, etc.

      4.  Event setup:

                  a. Based on seeming success of promotion, estimate attendance.

                  b. Recruit volunteer(s) to assist in setting up tables.

                  c. Recruit volunteer(s) to assist in decorating.

                  d. Recruit volunteers to do food set-up, preparation, cooking/BBQ and kitchen clean up.

       5.  Keep the church staff and your ministry team up-to-date on the planned event.

This document is a work in progress for the purpose of assisting in and defining the event planning process.  We will update it as new input is gained from experience. Planning approaches may vary with different types of events.