Weekly Schedule


   7:00pm Youth 3rd Sat. Time Varies


   8:30am Morning Meditation & Prayer
   9:00am Life Group Children 2-5 grade
   9:00am Youth Bible Study
   9:00am Life Group "Get Ready"
   9:45am Breakfast Fellowship
 10:20am New Creations Sunday School
 10:30am Sunday Celebration


   7:00pm Life Group @ The Ratcliffes

   7:00pm Life Group @ The Grastons

   7:00pm Life Group w/ The Keenans


   7:00pm Men of Faith 2nd Tues


   6:30pm Discovery Club 1-5 grade

   6:30pm Youth Discipleship @ office

   6:30pm  Women's Bible Study

   6:46pm Life Group Center Point Rm. 1

   7:00pm Life Group @ Ms Helen's

   7:00pm Worship Team Practice


  7:00pm Life Group - Outriggers Young Adult


 6:30pm Life Group - Men's Breakfast

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We are located at 6646 1st Ave. S in St. Petersburg, FL (map).
You may contact us at (727) 381-4750 or email us here.